Eames (Basic Art Series 2.0)

The creative duo Charles Eames (1907–1978) and Ray Kaiser Eames (1912–1988) transformed the visual character of America. Though best known for their furniture, the husband and wife team were also forerunners in architecture, textile design, photography, and film.

The Eameses’ work defined a new, multifunctional modernity, exemplary for its integration of craft and design, as well as for the use of modern materials, notably plywood and plastics. The Eames Lounge Chair Wood, designed with molded plywood technology, became a defining furniture piece of the 20th century, while the couple’s contribution to the Case Study Houses project not only made inventive use of industrial materials but also developed an adaptable floor plan of multipurpose spaces which would become a hallmark of postwar modern architecture.

From the couple’s earliest furniture experiments to their seminal short film Powers of Ten, this book covers all the aspects of the illustrious Eames repertoire and its revolutionary impact on middle-class American living.

Community Review

  • Very informative. Needed to use this book for a art history project and it worked out perfect. There is a lot of information, great pictures, and it looks nice on the coffee table! Super happy with the quality and the condition it was in when I received it. Well worth the price especially if you are looking into learning more about the Eameses.
  • Pretty book, I leave it on the coffee table next to my Eames chair. It is somewhat humorous that in 2005, the chair was sold by Herman-Miller for $3000 (per the book) but is now $6000 and up!
  • For designers, architects and students of design or just lovers of furniture. This is a great book to give or add to your collection. A wonderful book on the power couple Eames.
  • Really enjoyed this well written and accessible book. A great primer to learn about the substantial impact this couple had on the American design landscape. Interesting cross section of their projects that appear all over even modern American life.
  • Some bio detail and a nice overview of their life and designs organized chronologically. Book is semi-hard lol cover and of magazine dimensions with more heft. Solid purchase.
  • I inheirited an Eames ‘cocoon chair’ in the l960’s, which started my interest in Eames.
    That particular chair was featured in an Eames exhibit at the Museum of Modern
    Art in NYC. I don’t know if it is still there, but this book is a good place to
    find out all about Eames.
  • This book met my expectations as it includes the history of the designers and photos of their main works. I really enjoyed it.
  • Great book, highlighting the important moments in the life of this creative couple. Great images and pictures as well. Easy read. A must-have for fans of the design duo.
  • If you’re an Eames fan, this stroll down memory lane won’t disappoint. You’ll love it. You’ll make reference to it. You’ll have it for years!
  • Excellent book! I have always admired the Charles and Ray Eames. This book is an insight into their life and design process.
  • We love all things Eames great coffee table book to highlight the life and designs of the Eames’
  • I love reading about the Eames…what an amazing couple and a huge part of our past and present. Their foresight to design is something that will be with us for many many more years….This book says it all.
  • Love this book. Great addition to any library. Being that the Eames had so much work, this is just a small sample of their work; but well done.
  • As a fan of mid century homes and furniture I loved reading about the lives that brought us the Eames chair and other great ideas.
  • I bought this book as a gift, so I needed for it to be impressive. It was, indeed. This book includes beautiful photographs and a lot of information about the era, as well as an insightful look into the team of Charles and Ray Eames. The recipients of my gift of this book are enthusiasts of Mid-Century culture and design, and they were delighted by it!!
  • This serves well as an introductory piece to two of America’s most iconic designers. No matter what medium they worked in, the Eames design duo pushed the boundaries of the norm.
  • Great little book (well, not really little in size but it’s thin) that details the history of the Eames couple. While I bought it as a gift, I had a chance to peruse it with the giftee and we both enjoyed the history of the iconic Eames chairs. I never knew that they were designed to be cheap chairs for the masses! And yet now go for thousands because of their timeless design. This is a great reference to have in your library if you are at all interested in interior design, art and architecture.
  • Informative, well-written and researched, this book greatly adds to the historical accuracy of the life and work of Charles and Ray Eames. For scholars, designers, architects and culture addicts, this book is immensely satisfying. Highly recommended.
  • Objective information without being to much text to read. Good size book, could carry it in my computer bag and red it while traveling
  • It is an excellent history of the Eames couple and the photos are outstanding. Anyone interested in “modern” furniture/design should read/own this volume as it tells the story so well about the post WWII revolution in interior design.
  • This book was a great reflection on the work of Charles and Ray Eames. Their most popular designs and little known facts were included. Very helpful and interesting and just a plain great read too! Very inspiring, highly recommend if you love mid-century modern design.
  • Decent book. Great for a coffee table.
    Gives a good overview of the Eames family and their works. I’d give it more stars but it’s lacking something I can’t quite put my finger on. Plus I would have liked to see more designs.
  • This is a great little primer on Charles & Ray Eames. It provides nice information on the multitude of things they created in addition to the iconic furniture.

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