Still Candy Shopping

After two years on the streets, Faith Simmons desperately misses her young daughter and the good life she once had. Ready to fight for what she’s lost, Faith gets herself admitted to a drug rehab program. Finally, she’s hopeful about the future—until news from her ex-husband changes everything, plunging her into despair. Soon, Faith’s back on the streets and her worst nightmare has become her reality. To survive this time, she’ll need something to live for.

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  • I can’t tell you how pissed I was with this purchase. It ends abruptly, as if the author just got tired of writing & abandoned the story & then another book begins by a totally different author. A book I didnt intend to pay for & had no interest in reading. & Nowhere are we told this would happen.. I bought it for kindle, I dont know if that makes a difference, but it ends & you have no clue whats happend to her. Just WACK!! & if its intended as a cliff hanger for a pending 3rd book, it definitely ended causing me no interest in reading further. In fact I’m soo pissed & turned off it will be quite some time before I read another Kiki book, although I have been a dedicated fan over the years. I have to warn any potential readers against even involving yourself with this read.. you will be sorry!
  • It was an interesting look on what is truly going on today. It could have ended different, but I enjoyed the book.
  • So I felt like this book was way too short for one, the whole plot of her being forced to stay in Slim’s apartment was crazy to me. Why was Slim only nice to Stacey and treated all the other women like crap? I didn’t get that. I can’t beleive Faith was still dumb enough to think that Slim wanted to just help her. She should have known better than that. I would hope there will be sequel that will resolve her story line, I can’t read another book about her stupidity, I hope she finally gets it together or dies so I can have some resolution 🙂
    The second story in the book was good, I liked it alot, it kept me interested the whole way through. I knew that Deezo was Ben’s father I just had that feeling half way through the book. I felt bad for Ben, but I am glad he realized at the end that he was a sucker for that candy. I like that the author showed his young mentalitly as to how he spent his money. He was only worried about buying new shoes and clothes instead of stacking his money to better his situation. I will be reading other books by her.
  • I can truly say you have out done yourself again, this book kept me on edge through the whole thing. I felt her pain and cant wait till she can get some revenge on those who did her wrong. I finnished this book in a day, because I just could’nt wait to see how it would turn out. Truly a must read. I am glad I have an ereader so I have quick access to part 2, I love sequeal books!
  • I have to say I expected more out of my gurl kiki but the book was still really good. Not as good as the first one but it was still good. I was soooo mad at Faith she had sooooo many chances of getting right but couldn’t keep the monkey off her back. I had faith in her this go around. She went from having it all to allllll the way to nothing at all. I cant stand Slim he erks my first nerve and got exactly what he deserved!
  • After hearing so many bad reviews, I was hesitant about reading this book. But I decided to give it a try for myself…and I have not regretted it at all. This book picks up exactly where “The Candy Shop” left off. Faith is trying to get herself together, but goes back to her old ways. How will she survive this time? You have to read it for yourself to find out!
  • I just finished this book and I could’nt put it down til I was finished. I had to know if faith was going to make it through this new expierence. I enjoyed the story. I know ppl who went through a similiar situation and last I heard their doing well. The story was not all over the place. It centers on Faith, and shows how one bad thing can bring an addict right back to their addiction. The only thing was I wanted a little more at the end. Maybe Faith is not done yet. Only Kiki knows. Thanks for this one I always wondered if you’d write a sequel to this book after she popped up in a sticky situation. Now waiting on Wifey,new notorious,& sticky situation 2.
  • the book was ok…i think faith is done …i wished she could have done better..i thought she would have gotten her self together in this book…better luck next time…..i felt sorry for ben and what he had to go through….its crazy that this stuff happens everyday…
  • I read this book in 1 day! I could not put it down I wuz hooked from the 1st page. It is a page turner and a must have. As a Portsmouth, Va native its good to read a book from someone who’s as talented and come from the same city!! KiKi you’re awesome!!!! Keep putting out the bestsellers!!!!!
  • Well, well what can I say. I am in disbelief. I don’t know where to beginning. I waited so long to read Still Candy Shopping and to get to the end and not know the ending or if there will be an ending. All and all the book was a action turn. Just a little disappointed on how it end.
  • I was very disappointed in this book…like someone else had said it seemed that the book was rushed. The lesbian encounter in the book didnt make since, it really didnt even have to happen, Faith was just very weak in this book, and i hated that. I truly wish that she would have made a come back.

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